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The Jak & Daxter pairing
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[Jak And Daxter] Orphan Ch.1
~ One ~
Toya stood before the window, peering out at the passers-by that slowly meandered through the Slums section of the city. With dark, cloudy skies and the first spattering of rain, Haven appeared as it ever had – melancholic and artificial. Even clad in multiple layers of green fabric – a matching set of full-length skirt, short-sleeved blouse and heavy coat – she felt the grim chill of early Autumn weather seeped into the orphanage through cracks and holes in dire need of repair. It was a remnant dating back three generations of Kings, constructed of a combination of Precursor salvage and, more recently, concrete, all of its rooms laid out on the ground floor. Sadly, Damas’ forced abdication meant the structure had been left to gradually collapse. Restoration clearly wasn’t at the forefront of Praxis’ policies.
Said woman wondered if his blight upon the city would ever cease. Things grew worse with each passing day, as did people’
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Fringe by Solziv Fringe :iconsolziv:Solziv 0 12 [Yu-Gi-Oh!] King Of Games by Solziv [Yu-Gi-Oh!] King Of Games :iconsolziv:Solziv 5 3 [Batman] Gift - Lego Joker by Solziv [Batman] Gift - Lego Joker :iconsolziv:Solziv 14 2 [Jak And Daxter] Shaded Taryn by Solziv [Jak And Daxter] Shaded Taryn :iconsolziv:Solziv 11 3 [Jak And Daxter] Stray Taryn by Solziv [Jak And Daxter] Stray Taryn :iconsolziv:Solziv 7 3
[Jak And Daxter] Catalyst Ch.17
~ Seventeen ~
Upon stepping out from a heated building and back into the wind tunnel that was South Town, Taryn felt the drastic temperature change and berated the chilling gale, unavoidable as it was, clutching her three-quarter-length duffle coat even closer against her frame.
But the fresh air was a necessity, due to her present inability to think straight. Having spent the last two hours inspecting the newly-built Gun Course, there wasn’t a single moment she could focus on the task at hand, forcing her to excuse herself for a break – the hope of a distracting mission, even one that simple, crashed and burnt.
The blue-haired adolescent swiftly navigated the district, heading for the Gardens – this time on foot. The surrounding greenery and charcoal-grey architecture were a stark contrast to the topiary and edifices of Spargus. It was hoped that the familiarity and serenity of the area would assist with clearing her mind of confusing feelings, which formed du
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[DnD] Request - Forehead Kiss by Solziv [DnD] Request - Forehead Kiss :iconsolziv:Solziv 4 0 [Jak And Daxter] Taryn Hairstyles by Solziv [Jak And Daxter] Taryn Hairstyles :iconsolziv:Solziv 7 18 [Batman] Lazy by Solziv [Batman] Lazy :iconsolziv:Solziv 3 2 [Jak And Daxter] Cuddle by Solziv [Jak And Daxter] Cuddle :iconsolziv:Solziv 15 9
[Jak And Daxter] Encounters Ch.8
~ Eight ~
To find the local alcoholics at The Hip Hog comforting was surely a sign of lunacy. At least, that was how Taryn felt about her return, after what could only be described as an escapade at the Construction Site. Upon entry, her green optics perused the place for some familiar faces, spotting Krew’s demolitions trio in one of the back booths. It had been some time since seeing or speaking with Mog and Grim – although the same couldn’t be said for Jinx.
Problematic blondes seemed destined to remain part of her life. I’ve had enough for one day. Nevertheless, she approached. Upon reaching the far end of the saloon, she waved and greeted each man in turn.
The cigar smoker raised his head and smiled broadly, voice a tad distorted by the item in his mouth. “Well, ain’tcha a sight fer sore eyes, Sweetheart? Whatcha doin’ here?”
She tensed at the affectionate nickname. “Thought I’d pay you all a visit; s
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[Batman] You Got It
It was only after returning home, where the adrenaline had left his system, that Bruce realised just how exhausted he actually was. Another night prowling the rooftops of Gotham left him wrung-out and with very little patience. Most were trying, with at least one criminal being idiotic enough to perform some illegal activity, whilst knowing fully well that a certain caped vigilante would catch them, but this particular round of the city was hard on Wayne’s nerves.
Then again, it always was, when the Riddler decided on yet another “I’m smarter than you” challenge. This time, he kidnapped thirty Wayne Enterprises employees and strung them up as victims for his most elaborate traps yet – or so Nigma claimed.
Fortunately, Batman had been on top form, defeating the ambushes with ease and rescuing the innocents, without a single casualty. For all the effort put into creating the riddles, puzzle rooms and kidnapping people, merely to prove a point, the Dark Knigh
:iconsolziv:Solziv 2 4
[Metal Gear] Little Pig
The realisation of forgetting to turn off the radio was followed by the cursing of one’s own stupidity. However, before anything could be done to rectify the situation, a sunny voice filtered over the frequency – specifically belonging to the last person called.
Para-Medic. She understood what area the operative currently sneaked through and decided to give him a run-down of its wild inhabitants. Having already begun detailing the habits of a particular species of frog, Snake felt too much of a gentleman to interrupt; after all, she was helping with the mission, and he lacked enough knowledge on the little, potentially edible amphibians.
“Snake, that area should be inhabited by Tree Frogs. The Tree Frog is a green frog that's found throughout Asia. Its arboreal, spending most of its time in shrubs and bushes. Use the tranquiliser gun to catch one alive. I bet you could scare an enemy good, if you toss one at him. But the tree frogs that live in that jungle a
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[Batman] Keys
Voyeur. A perhaps crude word, but Bruce lacked another definition. It wasn’t a woman stripping in her bedroom with the curtains drawn, whilst he observed from afar, but the sensation felt the same.
I shouldn’t be doing this, intruding on his privacy.
Clearly the clown retreated to get away from everyone else currently crowding Wayne Manor (namely the quartet he aptly named the Rowdy Robins) and distract both heart and mind with the musical instrument stood at the far end of the room – a baby grand piano.
Such behaviour shouldn’t have been surprising. Over the past few months of inhabiting the place, Joker often vacated areas and merely vanished. It always took Wayne at least half an hour to locate the former; each time, in a different area.
Today, it appeared the green-haired male wished to be in the old music room, choosing to seat himself on the elongated, black leather stool before the piano. When those long and slender white fingers traced the keys, f
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[Jak And Daxter] Snippets Ch.5
~ Alternate Accommodation ~
Got to find a new roommate by six. The nerves were already setting in. Are three hours enough? The teen certainly hoped so. She really owed Keira for being reasonable about the whole situation. Well, it wasn’t that surprisingly; they were friends, after all…although the latter remained unaware of Taryn cohabiting with the blonde hero.
It wouldn’t have been a problem, if she stayed with any other male, but it was Jak, for Precursors’ sake. The man she had practically mooned over for the past two years. She wouldn’t have even found herself in such a situation, if it weren’t for Finn’s untimely death. Not that she blamed it for it. The Metal Heads overwhelmed Freedom League agents in a battle outside the city walls. He was one of many unfortunate casualties.
It was how she found herself homeless. Up until three months ago, Finn had been her roommate, friend…and more. Since his pa
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Predominant by MouHitoriNoBoku Predominant :iconmouhitorinoboku:MouHitoriNoBoku 54 6 Instaart - Shiva by Candra Instaart - Shiva :iconcandra:Candra 198 12 Keith and Allura by Autumn-Sacura
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Although potentially creepy, there is something beautiful and meaningful about this piece. I love the concept of judgement; eyes are a ...


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I'm designing Redbubble stuff, writing like a maniac, reviewing stories and managed to get my hands on the first Borderlands game. :squee: So, I'm mostly popping online to post art and review.
Thought about this for the past couple of years, but been in a quandary about changing my username. I think Frenetic-Kinetic has run its course, and it's time for a change. The question, of course, is whether to just update my username on here, or start a brand new account.
I don't often write "thank you for the watch/fave/llama" comments on people's pages, but I just want you all to know that I appreciate them very much. ^^
Currently blaming MobianScrollkeeper for getting me into this:

Brain's officially dead, not feeling very well, although I'm in a very happy I'm going to just do some stuff online quickly, then take it easy tonight. ^^ Hope the rest of you are doing well. If not, well, here's a hug to help comfort you. :tighthug:


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